Thursday, December 3, 2015

Happy Halloween 2015!

 We decided to go with Avengers this year since Blake already had the Ironman costume and I really wanted to be Black Widow.  Tyler naturally fits Captain America so I gave him no choice.  And I loved the idea of Cody being Hulk! Austin was a stinker and chose Green Lantern, but he was happy and it was an easy costume to come up with! 
 My friend threw an adult Halloween Party like she does every year and it gets everyone excited for dressing up! I love it!  I borrowed this black leather jacket and this leg holster and fake gun from a fellow neighbor who works for the local Police Department. It was a LEGIT holster! Also very fun to wear. 
 Tyler followed a youtube video and made his shield out of cardboard and ducktape. It ROCKED! It actually flies and took him 5 hours to make. :)  That was dedication...but the rest of his outfit was a stretch so he had to make the shield look awesome.

Party fun! Trying to be hardcore

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