Sunday, July 4, 2010

Trip home to Walla Walla, June 2010

I used to ride this same rocking horse when I was a little girl. Now Austin is learning how!

Sisters with babies! It was so much fun getting these boys together for the first time and the last time for a while. Tyler and I moved to Texas so it was the last trip home before the move.

Austin is 3 and a half months older than these other two. Benson is in the middle and Brooks on the right. Those two are only 4 days apart. Kinda crazy we all had boys within 3 months! I wonder who is going to have the next one first!

"Ooooh" Austin says.

Trying to gnaw through the side of the bottle to get at the water...under the supervision of Aunt Kara...

Austin with Aunt Lori

This picture was taken in the wheat field right next to our house. I love this time of year when the wheat is tall but still green!
Austin making a goofy face. Look at those eyes!
He loved the swing we have on our swingset. Just chillin'
Definitely framing this picture!
Grandma with Austin at the campfire up at the Gasaway Farm in Dayton. We had a little talent show with the Gasaway's which turned out to be really fun! Lori and I did some country swing dancing for everyone! I did the guys part.
Austin on our way to hike the Oregon Butte with the Gasaway family. (Jana's in-laws)
This was Austin's first extended period of time in his front-pack carrier but he did GREAT! He fell asleep about 10 minutes to the top and then slept the entire way down! It was about a 6 mile hike and he definitely gave me a good workout. Good thing he's just a lil' guy!
The view was GORGEOUS!
When we stopped for lunch a mile or so from the top we saw a mountain lion walking away from us over back behind a ridge. Scary!
Brad "of course" brought his golf club along and 3 golf balls so he could hit them off the top. His second shot was really good!

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