Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What we've been up to...

Now that we're settled in and Tyler is working full time, Austin and I spend a lot of time together at home...There are no sidewalks near our place so I can't take him out for a walk in the stroller and I don't have a car so we are trying to be creative to find things to do at home. Needless to say, we still have a lot of fun. Austin is becoming quite the wiggle bug as you can see below.

Relaxing on our futon

We got a little umbrella stroller for little outings

One night we were playing The Farming Game and got so involved we hadn't looked over at Austin for a while. When we did this is what we saw! I may have to start buckling him in...

He sure was having some fun of his own

Trying so hard to pull himself up

Didn't work too well but he was still happy

I give him LOTS of kisses...and he loves it!

Austin always rolls over onto his stomach since he likes that much more than being on his time he rolled over and both arms were stuck under his belly. So what did he do?

Started in on some break dance moves!!!

I had a hard time getting the camera and getting a good picture since it didn't last long but he was kicking his legs straight up into the air! It was hilarious. We tried to get him to do it again to get a better picture so Tyler tucked his arms under his belly again and he started laughing really hard! It was awesome...but he was too smart after that and figured out how to pull his arms out real quick. Oh what great parents we are!

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  1. Cute, Cute pictures of Austin. Keep them coming. Love to see what he's doing.
    Grandma Goodwin