Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rachel VS Tyler

Since we don't have TV anymore we've been playing a lot of games at night which has been great for us since we are VERY competitive against each other...ok, so maybe I am more competitive but it's been really fun. Below is the picture of The Farming Game. The board is the Yakima Valley which may be why I like it so much. I also like it because Tyler has not beaten me at this game yet! Every time I pull off with the win somehow.

Rolling high numbers during your harvest brings in the big money and I seem to have better luck in that area! Stay tuned for the next BIG game: TICKET TO RIDE!....This is a game that Tyler ALWAYS beats me at so we switch off between games so we can both rub our wins in each other's face. It's kinda funny how Tyler is the more experienced traveler than I am and he wins Ticket To Ride and my personality fits The Farming Game and that's the game I do better at. We really do love each other.

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  1. Aw shucks. . . :) Bryson called an audit the other night in the Farming game. He was way off and was under $200,000. I had $249,900. Crazy, huh?