Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Our First Visitors!

Brad, Jana, and Brooks came for a visit this weekend!!! We were so excited to have them come and to show them why we love Texas so much. Brad had some meetings in Dallas so they bought an extra ticket for Jana and Brooks came along for the ride.

Austin is being a good boy and learning to share his toys.
Or he may be slightly jealous!

Went all went to the Stockyards in the"Historic" downtown of Fort Worth. They have a "small" cattle drive down the main street twice a day with Longhorn cattle. It took us longer to get there then we expected since we've never been there and we missed the Longhorns by MINUTES! We were in the car as they rounded their last corner and saw a few between the crowds of people standing around. So sad! We blame it on the 2 babies. :)

We still had fun walking around and exploring the site. They had the CUTEST baby cowboy hats but I couldn't bring myself to spend $13 on a hat for Austin that he would never really wear except in pictures.

Wow my face looks VERY freckly!

Tyler and Brad on the GINORMOUS belt buckle.

On the sidewalks on both sides of the street there were these circular manholes? with names of famous cowboys and actors. We saw this one withe the last name "Austin" so we sat him on the first name. I think the picture turned out great!

We searched High and Low for the Walker Texas Ranger manhole? and finally asked the local White Elephant Saloon (which was where a good amount of film was shot for the tv show). They said Walker didn't have a manhole? SAD! We were hoping to find it since my dad is a HUGE fan

Our next adventure (in the same day) was to head to the Water Gardens downtown. Everyone kept asking us if Brooks and Austin were twins...HA! I don't think they look a thing alike but they had the same outfit and they are about the same size, even though Austin is 3 months older

Austin apparently loves Bald heads!

Jana had this BRILLIANT idea to jump off one of the tiers of the Garden Mountain. It turned out AWESOME!!!

So, of course, the Boys had to do it too! Tyler really is in mid air even though it looks like he's stepping off. It was a long day, especially for the babies, but we had fun!!! We then topped the day off with a "SWEET" burger at Kincaids. and of course ice cream at home for dessert!


  1. I can't believe both boys still fit into their green outfits!!! Benson has LONG outgrown his. Looks like you had TONS of fun! Maybe someday we'll make it to Texas!

  2. You are quick, hopefully I can get my pictures up soon so Tyler's good jumping picture can be seen too. Thanks again for everything we loved our stay in Texas!