Friday, October 29, 2010

State Fair of Texas

One of our friends gave us 2 FREE tickets to the Texas State Fair! Usually it's $15 a person. We also only paid $5 for parking when everyone told us to plan on $15. It was such a GREAT DAY!
Sorry I uploaded the pictures out of order but I am too lazy to fix it!
Here is Austin at the end of the day, 8:00 PM. He did so good and randomly hit the sack.
I wish we could have rode the Ferris Wheel but it was way too expensive! Plus I don't think Austin would have been too excited about it.
But it was IMPRESSIVE!
There was one building that they turned into a mini zoo and had all sorts of farm animals and zoo animals mixed in. Austin was a bit hesitant of this camel and didn't like getting real close.
We watched a free show of Dobermans doing tricks. It was great!

Tyler and Austin in their favorite vehicle. CAMARO!

Me with my favorite vehicle. JOHN DEER!
This was a pirate diving show. Mostly they dove off the diving boards you see coming out of the body of the ship, but the finale was diving off the very top! 80 FEET! And they didn't just dive straight down, they did all sorts of turns and somersaults.
You should read this post bottom to top because that really was the sequence of events. Enjoy!

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