Sunday, March 27, 2011


Today, Austin took his first tumble down the stairs at church. He was at the very top of about about 12 or 15 stairs and just stepped right off without holding onto anything. Up to this point he had been holding on to the railing as he went down and up, so it was unexpected and did a full out flip. Thankfully, I was able to get my big belly up and moving and caught him before he went head over heels again in the same fall. He screamed of course but calmed down and went away with a face that looked sunburned and a small rug burn on his nostril. We'll see if he learned his lesson...


  1. You sound like you handle these falls much more calmly than I do (refer to my "first-time mom syndrome" blog post for comparison). I'm working on that. Glad Austin is ok!

    Incidentally, Jonathan STILL has the dent on his forehead that he incurred during that fall. It's been three weeks.

  2. Oh man! I remember when Isaac fell down the stairs at my moms! Same thing. Just stepped right off. He went all the way down too. but he shook it right off! cried for maybe a minute. It's why I love boys so much. They are so tough!! congrats on your first fall. You handled it perfectly!