Saturday, June 4, 2011

Canoeing on Trinity River

Austin getting prepped for our canoe trip!
We borrowed the same canoe and tried it out on the Trinity River this time. It was a very slow moving river and there was no wind today. You can tell by the color of the water that it is a slow moving river. But the trees were pretty!
It was a HOT HOT day, but we survived.
Thank goodness I brought grapes for Austin to munch on and keep him cool.
This picture above I was trying to turn around in my seat and snap it...I couldn't turn around very well obviously and cut off Tyler's head and got part of my finger in the picture. Oh well!
We went over this rapid! Our first RAPID! haha. It wasn't scary at all and probably isn't even technically a rapid since it wasn't fast at all. But the anticipation was fun!
Here we are at the end. There was a steep hill the go down to get to the water, so Austin and I chilled while Tyler did all the hard work. The guy in the background was nice enough to help Tyler carry the canoe up the hill to the car.
The guy that helped Tyler carry the canoe also told us someone had seen a bobcat across the river, and apparently this bobcat is not dangerous. As they were carrying the canoe I saw the bobcat walking across the bridge that was about 30 feet in front of us. And it was true, he just walked right past all the bikers and dog walkers and no one made a fuss.
All tuckered out!

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