Sunday, July 24, 2011

Birth Story

It seems to be the thing to do lately...write your birth story. So here it goes...

I went to the hospital 11 days past my due date for an induction at 6 AM in the morning, and positive I was going to have the baby the same day. I was planning a natural birth so I didn't want to start out on pitocin so we had planned on doing a balloon inducement(Not sure what it's even called). Basically they stick a tube up you and fill it with water to put pressure on the cervix and induce you mechanically rather than with medicine. This was in for the first 9 hours and basically felt like one continual cramp. Nothing real painful and I did have a few contractions here and there. The balloon comes out on its own at 4 cm dilation typically. Thankfully when mine came out I was at a 6!!! I felt awesome! We walked the halls for a few hours to try and get things going and I had a few contractions but nothing big. So my doctor came in and broke my water at 8:30 pm. At this point my doula (Estee) showed up and I labored in the bathtub for 4 hours! Having contractions about every 2-3 minutes. I felt like things were progressing great. However, after checking me I had only dilated to a 7 and I was only 70% effaced! What a LET DOWN. My contractions had been strong and I felt like I was relaxing through them.

At that point I was trying to decide what to do. It was about 1 in the morning. I contemplated for a long time it felt like...while everyone was dozing and waiting on me to decide. I sent my doula home at 3 o'clock, Tyler was asleep, and my mom was waiting on me. My doctor came back in at 4 and checked me again and I had not progressed. I could tell my energy was low and I was worried if I got pitocin I would give in to an epidural and not be able to push him out. My mom finally talked me into getting pitocin and they started that at 5 am. My contractions really started to pick up and I had a hard time relaxing. At 6:15 am I was fading fast and took some medication to take the edge off the pain...which ended up helping me snooze between contractions or at least be a bit out of it. I would wake up for the contraction and breathe through it and then I was out for the minute or two in between. just after 8 am I was feeling the INTENSE urge to push! My doula had showed up a few minutes before and my doctor came in to check me and I was FINALLY ready! Oh what joy! I pushed for a half hour and out he came. The doctor says, "Wow, I bet this is a 9 lbs baby!" I'm've got to be joking, so we all guessed how much he would be and sure enough he was 9 lbs. 3 oz. What a surprise!!! I'm so glad I was able to push him out as quickly as I did. We're so happy to have Blake finally here with us and I am SOOO grateful for my mom, Tyler, and Estee who helped me stay strong.


  1. Wow, Rachel! You're amazing!! Way to stay strong. :)

  2. Congrats and enjoy your new baby! :) and you are a trooper. :)

  3. Rachel, my goodness. So impressed. I didn't know you were going for an unmedicated birth and that you had a doula. That's amazing. Are you happy with how it went? Do you want to do it the same way next time, or looking back do you think that you're glad you made it but you never want to go through that again? Just curious...
    Ciana always does her births that way - she gets something to take the edge off the pain but no epi. Maybe I should try it that way next time... Although, I must say... I LOVED my epidural :)