Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th!

We went to Granbury (30 min. drive) to see their amazing fireworks with another family. The fireworks were awesome and we had a lot of fun. Austin loved hanging out with his pal Hugo. Look at those cheeks!!
Aleni and I waiting for the fireworks to start. She goes walking with me every morning which has been so good for me these last few weeks. However, I am no closer to having this baby than I was 4 weeks ago. The lil' stinker! We eventually had to move off the blanket because we got attacked by ants. That is one thing I dislike about Texas. There are ant hills EVERYWHERE!
And here are the papas!
Fireworks started at 9:40 pm. Austin stayed up and watched the entire show! What a trooper. He sure was zonked the next day!
I love watching fireworks! They had some really awesome ones that I have never witnessed before. Just all these crazy designs coming out. It was pretty awesome.
Another happy 4th of July! I was for sure I would have the baby by now, but I guess he didn't want to be a 4th of July baby. I don't blame him. He wants his own party I guess.


  1. Remember when we always watched fireworks together or set them off at my house??? Wow, time flies! Maybe we should try to get our wonderful group together for the 4th next year, Colorado, Texas, New Jersey, or something totally random!

  2. I love the pictures!! I'm stealing them from you. I love how Austin looks really excited and Hugo is the exact opposite. haha Good times! Thanks for coming with us!