Saturday, August 27, 2011


We spent a week in Utah to spend time with family. My entire family, 4 sisters, husbands, kids, and parents were all there! It was a blast. Here are some highlights.

I met up with Alainna, a really good friend from home. We had our first sons a month and a half apart, and our second sons a week and a half apart. She ran her ENTIRE pregnancy! She was my inspiration for running until 32 weeks.
We also met up with some of our college friends. It was great to catch up with everyone and share "mommy stories" while the guys watched the older kids. :) It was so fun to see everyone with babies!
We also spent an evening with Tyler's grandparents. I love Grandma June's face in this picture! They both look so happy.
My family spent 3 days up at a cabin near Mt. Pleasant. The CEO of the company my brother in law works for, Namifiers, built this cabin last year and let us stay for free. It was my mom's birthday while we were there so we threw her a short, surprise, party with party hats and blowers for the kids. Then we pampered her feet.
I stayed up WAY too late every night and Blake didn't let me get much sleep the rest of the night. We took a few naps here and there throughout the day.
This is one view of the cabin from inside. It was HUGE. Everything in the cabin was so nice! Soft carpet, leather couches, BEAUTIFUL kitchen, pool table, ping pong, theatre room with ROCK BAND (Which was so much fun), a sauna, a hot tub, a piano, a wrap around porch on the main level. The list goes on! All the bedrooms had huge beds with down comforters.
One morning all of us went on a nature walk (I stayed behind). They found a spiky lizard and everyone got to touch it!
Tyler with half the grandkids. There were 9 total. It got pretty crazy sometimes.
The room we stayed in was cowboy themed and Austin LOVED this bucking Bronco.
After the cabin we came back to Salem and stayed at my sister's house. We blessed Blake on Sunday in their home. Here I am with all my sisters and mom. Blake snuck in the picture too! My parents will be empty nesters for the first time this school year. I think they are looking forward to it...
Here is the entire crew we spent the week with. We had so much fun! I was pretty tired after the trip, and finally feel like I am back to my normal sleep deprived self rather than an OVER sleep deprived self. Oh joy!

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