Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Yesterday we said goodbye to Bamba(Grandma) and Mana(Amanda) who stayed with us a just over a week. We LOVED having them here. Austin followed Amanda's every move and Jane helped out so much with meals and letting me take naps whenever I wanted to. They were a big help!
Here is Jane and Austin playing with the farm set she got him for Christmas
Jane and Blake
Amanda and Blake
They are best buds and Austin is still asking about Mana. Thank goodness we will see Tyler's family again in 2 months!
Blake has already been smiling since about Day 1. He even smiled at the Pediatrician when we went in for a checkup when he was 12 days old. I haven't caught his smile on camera yet, but this wide mouthed happy face kinda counts!
Grandpa Hair(who wasn't able to make the trip) got Austin this awesome basketball hoop! We skyped with him when Austin opened it.
He's a natural!

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