Sunday, October 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Tyler! October 22

 Yes I am late posting this! But I had a lot a lot a lot of fun making this cake for Tyler.  My friend emailed me the idea when I was thinking of a Geology Inspired cake and this turned out perfect! and was easy enough for me to do.   It is a Stratigraphic Column of the earth.  The blue is an aquifer, and the green is trapped oil. 
 I baked two full boxed cakes and cut them up and stacked them while frosting each layer.
 A view from the top...Not exactly sure where on earth this is, but I'm sure it's somewhere. :)
 We had a party watching the BYU game and invited some friends over. I made Taco Soup for everyone.
 Make a Wish!
 We then had a separate party since our bestest friends couldn't make it.  We played some wild "Minute to Win It" games.  We're kinda hooked on those.
 Spencer and Tyler shakin' it!
 Spencer and Bonnie doing the head bop....They have a pedometer on their head!
Tyler got MONOPOLY DEAL!! Wahoo! Now if we could only get Austin in bed early enough so we could actually play it...........Any tips on getting your kid to go to bed before 9 would be reeeeeeally helpful! AND, he no longer takes naps...I don't know why he doesn't need more sleep...


  1. Tyler--are your parents Richard and Jane? Tell them I'm looking for them! (the last time I saw a picture of you, you were like, getting ready for your first day of school!) Leanne Hoffmann

    1. Yes they are! Jane wanted me to give you her email so you can get in touch with her.