Sunday, October 21, 2012


Good help can be so hard to find some times...lucky for me I've got Austin and Blake! These two studs love to get out and work with Dad, especially if it involves using a tape measure. Good thing I have one for each of us  :)

This week my friend Galen came over to help before the BYU v. ND football game, and we got a lot done together. Three of the five layers of block are installed with two more to go. The slowest part is making sure that the bottom layer is level. While I finished leveling the last 15' or so, Galen hauled blocks over from the driveway and stacked them by the wall in preparation for the building phase. 

With the bottom concourse of blocks set, we applied some construction adhesive to that layer and set the next layer on top. After the third layer was in place we filled in behind with gravel to help with drainage. After adding the top two layers of blocks I'll fill in another layer of gravel up to about 6-8 inches below the top of the wall, then lay down some landscaping fabric and replace some of the original soil that we dug up. Lastly we'll install some low maintenance, drought resistant plants.

Rachel was came home from a Relief Society activity as we were cleaning up our tools and she was sort of impressed. She says: "it's a little wall, just kinda little", haha

This week I'll build up the next two levels along the straightaway, then turn the corner. I'll have to terrace that back corner and along the right side fence line because the yard slopes towards where this picture is taken from. It's been challenging yet very rewarding to get outside and work. No mouse, keyboard, cellphone or email...just me, my boys and the yard. So refreshing!


  1. I just noticed how totally red Blake's hair is!!! I love it!!!

  2. Oh and awesome project! What a great idea. It's looking fantastic.