Sunday, February 3, 2013

Austin turns 3!

Austin's Backhoe Loader cake. Vroooooooom!
 Tyler has been working hard every night on the Treehouse and he really wanted it to be finished for Austin's party.  It was pretty close!  Tyler will be posting his experience sometime I'm sure.
 Singing Happy Birthday!
 Blowing out his candles
 He was a pretty happy boy all day
 Excited to open his cardboard box! hee hee.  We get lazy when it comes to wrapping.
 A new basketball to practice his dribbling! He'll also be able to make baskets on our basketball hoop outside when it's on it's shortest setting.

He also got a Superman shirt with a velcro cape, a play golf set, frisbee, bubble wand, sticky mitt and ball, squirt gun, m&m's(his favorite), and a slinky from his friends!!! Thanks everyone!
 Tyler also made this wooden airplane for him from scratch.  He's getting to be quite the "wood" man lately
"When will it be my birthday?"  Way too soon I say

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