Sunday, May 19, 2013

5th Year Anniversary!

 May 1st was our 5th year anniversary and Tyler booked us a night's stay at Beaumont Ranch about 45 minutes away.  It's a working ranch that opened to the public almost 20 years ago. Here I am standing in front of the pond with paddle boats. Then off to the left is the big barn with all the food/games/dancing/live band!
 It was a great surprise for me because I love this kind of stuff.
 They even had a mechanical bull you could ride!  There was no extra charge. Tyler got good use out of it!
 This was where we had dinner.  There was a live band playing all the popular country songs that I LOVED! They also had a dance floor so Tyler and I did all our country swing dance moves and were surprised at how much we remembered!  The best part was two little old ladies came up to us after we sat down and told us how much they enjoyed watching us dance and thought we were the cutest couple ever. haha.  One of the ladies' husband was wearing a train conductor hat with blue and white striped overalls and he was definitely the cutest old man in the building.
 Our room came with an old fashioned tub. It was awesome! Made me wish I had a good tub in our house to soak in.
 After our good night's sleep (NO KIDS!) we went on an hour long horse back ride.  This is me riding Snow.  He was a great horse.  On the trail ride he tripped on something and fell all the way down to his knees! But ended up popping right back up before I could even think to jump off thank goodness.
 Tyler rode JFK.  We also played horseshoes, shuffleboard, and relaxed on some benches out by a huge playground area.  It was a very relaxing time. It would definitely be worth it for me to come back again.
On our way home we decided to take a side route and go test drive this blue Ford truck behind us.  Little did I know I would be saying good by to my trustee ol' Grand Am and driving this truck home! Yup. We pulled the trigger and now have a huge truck in our driveway.


  1. Chandler is pretty jealous of your new truck. Glad you guys have fun and now have an awesome new toy!

  2. How fun! Looks like you had a great time!