Thursday, May 30, 2013

My Birthday Bash!

 This has been the best birthday ever!!! My two best friends (Since I was 5 years old) came to visit me in Texas. We had been talking about us all getting our families together for the past year and it finally came through on my Birthday weekend.
 And of course we took them to the Stockyards to get a taste of the Texas feel.
 I always love our pictures together since we all have a different hair color.
 Thank goodness all of our husbands get along.  (At least we hope they do :)  This is Lyette's little guy Cedric (Ced Stud), and her husband Kurt.  We all ended up marrying tall skinny guys! Kinda funny.
 This is Sara's son Jonah.  He is a busy body!
 He loved the rain
 The weather was so strange this time of year.  We got poured on and it was much cooler this time of year than it has been in the past few years.  But we were NOT complaining!
 Austin riding the bull at the Stockyards
 After the cattle drive
 I think he needs a pony!
 Looks like a natural
 Blake got along well with Sara and Lyette
 Wait just a minute while I put my spur on...
 They cooked me a delicious Sunday Steak BBQ meal for my birthday!!! And put up decorations.  It was a fun day!
 Pictures are a little out of order. This was also at the stockyards.  Baby Ced didn't like getting close to the horse. Look at that face! He let out a shrill cry right after this.
 Taking his first ride
 My delicious ice cream birthday cake made by Lyette!
 Austin and Blake even got presents from Grandma Hair!
 Thanks Grandma!
 Sara is very animated with her book reading and Blake just ate it up.
 We went down to Benbrook Lake to try out the canoe.
 Down by the banks of the hanky panky...
 Cheetoh Addict...oops...I mean I am.
 It was so fun eating lunch on the tailgate!
 Rocky beach. Austin and Blake loved throwing rocks in!
 Canoe time!
When it was their turn...Kurt was the last to go in and as he sat down the canoe rocked and tipped over! Lyette was on her back with the baby on top of her and thankfully neither of them went under since the water was so shallow! Cedric sure didn't like that, but we all got a good laugh out of it!

 Sara entertaining my boys!
 Blake pushing Jonah in the Jeep
Our fun trip came to an end! It was so fun staying up after the kids went to bed and playing games and eating ice cream.  Our lives sure have changed a lot since having kids.  But we feel like our friendship is still the same even after all these years! Love these girls!

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