Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

 We started off the Halloween month a few weeks ago by attending our annual adult Halloween Party that my friend puts on every year.  Last year it was at my house, so I was grateful she took over the tradition again.  It was a lot of work!  I am a belly dancer and Tyler is a snake charmer.  Look closely and you can see the snake in mid air while he's playing his flute!  I'm glad Tyler was nice enough to go along with my idea.  At this angle it looks more like I have a beer belly hanging over!
 We also carved pumpkins, although it ended up just being me for a while since neither Austin or Blake wanted to help scoop out the seeds.
 At least it looked like they participated since they are in the pictures! haha.
 After the carving was done Tyler pulled out his drill and Austin came running to help.
 Our cool batman pumpkin!
 On Halloween night we went trick or treating with the Simmons.  It was fun to watch the kids go from house to house. I mean run from house to house.
 Kai and Blake riding in style!  It was so nice having them in the wagon!
 Austin was a 80's style ninja turtle.  He was just a little excited to get started
This cat was outside someone's house and the head moved back and forth.  Austin decided it needed to be attacked and Makayla told Austin that he was her hero!  So cute!  And now we have a HUGE bowl of candy that looks like it will last a whole year.  We'll see.  Happy Halloween!

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