Monday, October 28, 2013

Possum Kingdom Lake Camping Trip

 Tyler earned a half day of work last Friday so we headed out just after lunch to snag an good campsite.  The drive took about two hours thanks to our GPS that led us through no man's land...Two other families camped with us as well.
 We took the kids to the lake for some rock skipping and fishing before we started dinner.  Even though the tumbleweeds make the lake not so inviting this was the clearest water I've seen in Texas!
 We set up the tent in the boys' room the whole week before to get them used to sleeping in a tent and that was the best thing we could have done for this trip! The boys went right to bed and slept all through the night.  We were grateful for that when our other friends' kids took a long time to fall asleep. :)
 The next morning we woke up and found this guy outside our tent...Isn't that lovely?  Good thing I was not sleeping there another night!
 Here is the view from the tree. He was massive.
 Before lunch the following day we loaded everyone up in the truck down to a hiking trail to go exploring.
 Austin and Tyler led the way.  Doesn't Tyler look like a future scout leader?  High socks and all!

 Blake wanted a ride after a while
 He got a little tired so he rested on Bonnie's huge ponytail.

Kids making a funny face at the end of the hike
 After lunch we took the canoe and kayak down to the lake.  Here's the Watsons taking the canoe out for a spin
Austin doing some hardcore digging  

Blake and Tyler returning from their kayak adventure. We did it!
I got to relax on the shore with this little cutie behind me while I kept my eye on the other kids in the water
 Blake is getting the hang of throwing the frisbee
and catching the frisbee!

Camping was a lot of fun and took more out of me than I thought it would.  Maybe it was lack of sleep from tossing and turning all night.  But it was well worth it to get our kids out there and spend time with friends.

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  1. So fun! And YIKES!!! I try to live in denial about tarantulas being around here...not so happy to see proof of them! ;)