Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Catching Up!

 Life is happening waaaaaaay too fast right now.  So here's some catchup of the last few months.  Tyler scored some cheap tickets to the Mavs vs. Spurs Playoff Game!  This is the game that Vince Carter made the game winning shot for the Mavs.  The game was incredibly loud! But Cody managed to take 2 naps.  Including sleeping through the game winning shot at the end.
 He did so well the entire game.
 On the train ride from Dallas back to Fort Worth.  This was our anniversary present! Happy 6 Years!
 Lori and Kara came to visit!!! I hadn't seen Kara since her wedding March 2013.  And I hadn't seen Lori since right before she left on her mission?  So it had been...a year and a half or so? Maybe closer to 2 years.
 We went to the Botanic Gardens.  Austin has turned into quite the climber and Blake is trying to catch up. :)
 Yay for sisters!!! It was so fun having them here.

 We celebrated Lori and Preston's birthdays while they were here.  Cowboy boot on the left for Lori(I was so proud of how that turned out!) and a Golf Course on the left for Preston
Preston and Kara are spending the summer in Houston.  It's been great having them closer

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