Tuesday, June 17, 2014

18 Holes of Disc Golf

 This past Saturday we drove a half hour to meet up with 2 of Tyler's co-workers in the morning to play disc golf.  Cody did great in the stroller the entire time and the boys loved finding all sorts of treasures along the way.
 I decided to skip a few holes and stay down below rather than carry our jeep jogging stroller up.  I thought this was a cool shot of the basket with the guys surrounding it.
 Austin and Blake checking out roly poly's on the Tee pad
 Tyler threw his disc in the creek down there.  Austin watched out for Alligators and water mocassins  while he climbed down to get it.
 Here's another creek Tyler threw his disc in. Oops!  He's actually really good at disc golf. :)
We scored some free Grand Slams from Denny's from the Ranger's Game and decided to use them after our long morning.  Cody got to taste his first pancake and was licking his lips after he ate it.

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