Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Trip to Houston

 Before I go into details about the trip...This is what we call a lazy day...Also known as, Turn on the tv while I madly clean the house to prepare for company!  Also, so the house stays CLEAN before company arrives.
 I love this picture!!! We went to the PGA Tournament.  Tyler was invited through work so we got in for free.  One of the professional golfers even touched Cody so he may have special Golf Powers now. I guess we'll see!
 Over Memorial Day Weekend we drove to Houston to visit Kara and Preston and OF COURSE went to the beach!!! It was the PERFECT day for the beach.  I pretty much fed Cody all day it felt like, but I also got out and enjoyed the water too.
 Austin was in the water the ENTIRE time! Blake still was unsure about the ocean and stayed in the sand most of the time. 
 Afterwards we went to Rainforest Cafe for my birthday dinner.  It was so fun!!!
 Cody did this a few times while grocery shopping.  I just thought he looked funny.
 We took a walk to the pool on Sunday and stuck our feet in. It was so fun to just be lazy all day!
 Kara made me a delicious chocolate cake!
 Do we look like sisters?

Here was our beach setup.  It was pretty awesome! It was a fun trip! I hope Kara and Preston survive the hot humid summer down there!

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  1. The mounds of seaweed is crazy! The lady I work with, was in Port Aransas in May and she showed me the mounds and mounds of that stuff. Looks like you guys still had a great time!!!!!