Monday, February 16, 2015

Before Pictures

 The previous owners really did a fantastic job updating the home and I thought it looked really nice.  However, it was cramped!

 This is a rather large window for a small bathroom and the tub was so small we had to get a shower rod that curved out so we weren't running into the shower curtain.  Again, I was more than happy to live this way if it meant not spending the money to redo it.
However, I knew Tyler wanted to rip down this wall between the sink and this pointless vanity area with my beautiful magic ball hanging from the ceiling. :)  After some convincing he dove in to the project and got things done...That's what's so great about Tyler.  He plans WAY far in advance and talks to me about things little by little. So once the plumbing issue became a necessity to fix, we were ready to remodel.

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