Monday, November 9, 2015

Blake Turns 4 - July 21

 Blake loves Hot Wheels cars so we had a Hot Wheels Birthday for him which was perfect for a hot day in July!  I completely messed up his bday cake which was going to be 3 layers, but only managed to salvage one layer so I made the rest into cake balls. We also had fruit on a stick representing a stoplight. Loved hose!
 I loved all these checker flags and colored balloons!
 LOVED the entrance! We used garbage bags and yellow duct tape.
 We have some spare tires from other occasions and I thought the entrance turned out perfect. 
 Tyler set up an obstacle course/racetrack in the backyard and the kids all brought their bikes to ride.  Perfect entertainment for a bunch of kids.  Also off in the grass we set up our PVC pipe car wash for everyone to get wet since it was so hot!
 The Start Line!
As much as Blake shies away from crowds he loves being the center of attention on his birthday which I am so glad cuz his birthday parties always seem to turn out the best! Happy Birthday to my sweet, soft spoken, adorable Blake!

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