Tuesday, November 24, 2015

I have a Kindergartener

 Austin's first day of Kindergarten picture. He is in a Spanish Immersion program and it has been going so well! We love it! And he loves it.  He has an amazing teacher Senora Koppes. He has already learned a good amount of Spanish.  Tyler is very excited and happy with him, especially since his pronunciation of the words is perfect! 

Blake was COMPLETELY against a first day of preschool picture so this is just a random picture of him.  He goes to preschool twice a week and loves his class.  He's made a really great friend in his class too and those two are inseparable! 

Not long after school started Austin came down with a HORRIBLE toothache one night.  Thank goodness our dentist is a good friend so I texted him for some help and he got us in early the next morning.  Austin handled his new "robot tooth" like a champ! They couldn't pull it since his permanent tooth wasn't surfacing yet so he has a silver tooth now.  He is quite proud of it.

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