Monday, November 9, 2015

Goodbye Dredge's!

So it took us FOREVER to blog about Spain....So here's to playing CATCH UP.  Not long after we returned from Spain I threw a Goodbye party for some really good friends of ours who are medical students and moving on to Iowa for residency.  Allison always threw AMAZING beyond AMAZING parties for everyone so I wanted to throw her something special.  We had a great turnout to give them a good ol' Texas Goodbye.  BYE Y'ALL!
 We had a great time with music and BBQ in the backyard
 We had a picture booth set up for everyone who came.  We had an instant Polaroid camera so everyone took their picture and taped it into a book and wrote a farewell note to them.  I was so excited that I got to have bales of straw in my backyard!
 Loved this sign my friend Kellie made for the party.  So much craftier than I could ever pull off.
 Food table before guests arrived.  I wish I would have got a close up of my mason jars with lace and twine and lemons floating in water. So cute!
We had a "SALOON" inside with Italian Sodas made by Bonnie and Spencer.  They turned out DELISH!
 Master Chef doing his thing!
 Water outside since it was pretty hot!
 Here they are! One of my favorite families! Allison was so fun and spontaneous and could get me to do anything crazy with her.  Things such as doorbell ditching at 11:30pm, going to the Y to swim in a flash flood warning downpour, and spending evening after evening late into the night helping her with her parties.  

I have loved all the people I have met here in Texas and I'm truly grateful for great friends like these gals!

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