Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

I am so lucky to be the mother to this lil' guy. At 15 months, he is such a goof and is learning very rapidly at the moment! He just caught a ball that Tyler bounced to him off the bounce! And has continued to do this multiple times. I could not believe it. He loves throwing balls with both hands and then chasing after them. He does this ALL day. No wonder I never buy him toys!
He loves his books and makes animal noises for Bear, Dog, Cow, Horse, Duck, and Lion. He also makes noises for cars, trucks and jets (same noise)
He's still got Crazy Eyes! He loves to perform for people, although if he gets distracted he won't. Which doesn't take much :) He signs: more, all done, grapes, eat, drink, banana, orange, milk, please, thank you. He also knows where his nose, eyes, ears, hair, mouth, fingers, and toes are. I'm sure he would know a lot more if I taught him better. His two new words he loves to say are fan and jet and has started to say shoes.
And now to Mother's Day! Tyler actually brought me home flowers on Thursday and had me open my Mother's Day present on Saturday...He gets too anxious, and I knew my present had come in the mail a couple weeks ago so he was READY for me to open it. and you'll see why...
Yes! I was surprised! And so was Austin (make sure you take a good look at that face-I laugh every time I look at this picture). KILLER BUNNIES. We played it last night and it was really fun. It took a while to read through all the instructions and get the gist of the game, but once we got started we had a lot of fun. I HIGHLY recommend the game!
Tyler gave a great talk in church this Sunday on Mother's Day. And Austin did SO WELL sitting with me so thankfully I could listen to the entire talk. Aren't they both precious? :)

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