Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Texas Rangers and Tornadoes

Before I get into our crazy night last night I wanted to post this picture. Austin in my lap with his sweet headrest(My belly). He better enjoy it while he can because it won't be there much longer :)

Tyler got some cheap tickets($5/person) for the Rangers game last night. In case you aren't familiar with this baseball team they WENT THE WORLD SERIES last year! This picture was taken after they kicked us out of the upper deck due to severe winds...awesome! We all got to go down to the lower seats. The sky doesn't look too bad yet! but 15 minutes later...
This was the start of the cool clouds moving above us. And they were MOVING!
It was pretty cool because when you looked straight up there were clouds going in 3 different directions at different levels in the sky.
You can see the upper deck is cleared, and still a ton of people at the game. The clouds were dark only on half the stadium for a while, but soon(10 minutes time) the entire sky was black and rain started pouring out of the sky
Here were some pretty cool clouds just on the edge of the dark ones. Reminds me of Mario Brothers clouds. Once it started raining we didn't get anymore pictures sadly...You'll just have to watch the news to see better footage.

Hopefully you can see, but the clouds were really moving fast in this video. It was so amazing we had a hard time focusing on the game and started cloud watching. A lot of people around us were too. After this video was taken it was probably 10-15 minutes before the sky was black and rain was pouring.

To finish off the story...Tyler brought some ponchos(Thankfully) so we put those on when it started lightly raining. In about 5 minutes the sky turned black and it POURED. We jumped out of our seats and called one of our friends to make sure the storm was here to stay. They confirmed tornadoes already touching down about 20 minutes from where we lived so we high-tailed it out of there! Thank goodness our baby sitter is has a nick-name of Meteorologist Lindsey and has about 5 or 6 weather apps on her phone so she knew everything going on and was doing great. She said Austin was still sound asleep.

As we headed home we had to stop under an overpass because the hail got so bad! I seriously thought our windshield was going to break. After about 10 minutes the hail cleared and we continued on. The tornado sirens had been going off in Fort Worth, but by the time we were about 15 minutes from home the rain stopped and the storm had already passed over us.

Thank goodness for friends and family who were keeping us updated the entire way home! It turned out that just after we left they evacuated everyone in the stadium to underground tunnels and when those got full, they piled people into the dugouts...and when those got full (not sure what they did with the rest of the people). I'm glad we got out of there and got home safely.


  1. Yikes! Glad you made it home safely! How scary. Doesn't it make you grateful for WA where natural disasters are pretty rare, if ever? I love that pic of you with Austin. You look so beautiful. ANd he looks so comfortable :)

  2. Awesome storm story. We haven't had one down here in Houston for a while, but I guess I shouldn't say that too loudly since hurricane season is coming...