Friday, May 20, 2011

Just wanted to share a few pictures we've taken recently...

Chillin' on the lov sac withe his sippy...and yes, he loves to cross his legs
At the park, I was distracted momentarily while chatting with a friend and at that moment Austin fell down the stairs and landed right at my feet. He had an INSTANT goose egg that looked horrible. I felt so bad! But of course he wouldn't let me put anything cold on it and was fine in about 5 minutes and ran off to play again. This picture was taken maybe an hour and a half after the fall, so the swelling had already gone down.
He wouldn't hold still so this is the best shot I could get of how swollen it still was after an hour and a half or so.
Austin is finally understanding how to play with the cars on the racetrack quilt I made for him! So fun! And these are the wooden cars that Tyler's grandpa Al made for him.
I think he will be doing somersaults soon...
Look closely at his lips...he making car noises. cute!
Austin loves to play with wheels of any kind. He especially loves our double stroller wheels. He will sit here for a half hour or more just turning the wheels. I love the fact that he's sitting in a flattened soccerball too!


  1. Poor little head. :( saddest thing ever when kids get hurt.

    ALso, where did you get that idea for the quilt for his cars? Do you have a pattern or anything? It is so cute!

  2. These are some fun picts! He is growing up so fast... getting so big!!