Monday, May 21, 2012

1st FAMILY VACATION - the beach

Day 1:   We left last Monday to go down to Corpus Christi to enjoy the beach. Bad news...I woke up early Monday morning with a fever and throwing up. Great! I was miserable... but Tyler finally talked me into getting in the car after he loaded up all our stuff around 9:45 am.  We finally make it to our condo rental in Port Aransas around 10 pm that night.  

 Day 2: THE BEACH.  We went down around 8:30 am to the beach. We had a short walk over the dunes and then there it was. We loved being so close to the water. There was LOTS of seaweed but we didn't mind.
 Blake did real well with the waves and the water.
 Tyler and Blake walking the beach
 We borrowed a bodyboard from a friend and Austin had a great time riding over the waves
 So did Tyler!
 I still wasn't feeling good and didn't enjoy much water.  I took a nap with Blake instead.
What?! I missed all the waves!

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