Thursday, May 31, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me!

 Last Saturday was my birthday.  I got presents in the mail from my mom and mother-in-law and I opened them the day before my birthday. I couldn't wait!  My mom sent me the purse and scarf from Thailand, Tyler's mom got me some scrapbooking paper and stickers and a gift card to Joann's. and Tyler cut out a piece of wood and gathered up all my racing bibs and medals so I can make my "Running Shrine" - inspired by a lady in my ward.  So excited!
 Tyler took me mountain biking up in Arlington on my actual birthday. It was SOO FUN! A few really thrilling parts which made it well worth it.  We will be doing this again.
 Weird face!
 That evening we had a pool party, pizza, and cake. My friend Bonnie made me this Texas Sheet Cake...soooooooooo chocolatey!  No candles...just a knife in the middle.
My friends and I about to dig in to the cake. It was soooo good.

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  1. Great birthday! I'm stealing that picture of us. Good times. Lets get together soon!