Monday, May 21, 2012

 The condo we rented was more like the size of a hotel room so things got a BIT crazy in there sometimes.  The best was we were able to take naps everyday and we all went to bed early every night. and it had a kitchen so we didn't have to eat out.
 Day 4:  I was feeling pretty good on this day! We spent this day at the beach. Here's the boys showing off their muscles
 I did some boarding as well.  My first time far out in the ocean!!!
 and of course there was a dolphin about 100 feet from me while I was riding the waves! Kinda freaked me out a bit and I let my imagination run wild, while I ran back to shore!  There were tons of fish jumping out of the water too.  You could see a whole school of fish riding the farthest out wave.
 Next up! Sand castles! Austin wanted to smoosh it soon after I made it.
 Austin loved riding the waves with daddy.  They went out pretty far too.

You can see Austin and Tyler way out in the waves...and if you look close you'll see a Pelican bird diving down toward the water to catch a fish.  It was sooo close to them!
 Way far out! They also saw a stingray swimming about 6 feet from them while they were out there.
 Blake took a good long nap that day at the beach.
We had to do some souvenir shopping that was a bit exhausting since we were all tired and cranky. But we survived!

Day 5: Drove home.  Blake was up the entire night before with a fever and no meds to give him. So I got about 2 hours of sleep.  He threw up a couple times in the carseat as well.  We stopped at a friend's house in San Antonio(Walch's) and made it home around 10 PM.  

Now we're all trying to get over our coughs and fevers. It was well worth it though!!

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  1. What a fun trip! Bummer about all of the sicknesses and colds though. You guys are real troopers. Looks like your kids had a lot of fun too.