Tuesday, May 8, 2012


 I was really feeling the music...Well, to explain...Tyler defended his Thesis this past Friday and PASSED! Thanks to my homemade cookies. ;) So we went out to celebrate.  It was also our 4 year anniversary May 1st.  We got a Groupon to a mini-golf place close by and it was a blast.
 Please don't look at my form because I really don't know how to golf.
 This looks like much better form...Tyler scored under par I think. 
 The HIGHLIGHT of the night was WINNING THE JACKPOT!!!! OH YAHHH!!!  You drop a token down to a spinning wheel and you have to time it right so it lands on the Jackpot.  The Jackpot was 1008 tickets. and Yes we were screaming!
 The tickets kept coming....
 and coming...we could see the look of jealousy on all the little kids walking by, and I almost thought of giving them a ticket! haha. I would really be in trouble if I went to Vegas.  Gambling was way too much fun.
 Pure Joy
and of course the toys were all for Austin!  We're giving them to him little by little.  What a way to end the day!

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