Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Tyler's parents and little sister came to our house for Thanksgiving! They arrived Wednesday evening and then we woke up bright and early to run the Turkey Trot 5K.  Jane and Amanda were good sports to run with me.
 The dinner turned out great! We brined our Turkey and made real stuffing, which was delicious...the only thing that didn't turn out were my rolls. Oh well! Here's grandpa and Blake enjoying some pie and ice cream.

 We took them to the stockyards for the cattle drive.  Jane was so excited until she found out it was only a handful of cows and it was the same cows every time. She thought it was the real deal. oops!

 Aunt Amanda is soooo much fun
 We also went to the Botanical Gardens.  On the way we spotted a twig...I mean a bug that looked like a twig!!! It was awesome! Austin had to get up close.

 Daddy can't see!
 Enjoying our picnic lunch
 Playing some frisbee
 I can't get over how cute his Wrangle Butt is...
 Pictures by the pond by our favorite willow tree

It was sad to see them go but we are soooo happy they made the 11 hour car ride to see us!

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