Tuesday, October 22, 2013


 Tyler's co-worker offered to fly us in an airplane and we finally found a Saturday that worked!  Austin and Blake were so excited to go up in one that looked like Dusty Crophopper!

 It was a cold morning and the wind was FREEZING! But the visibility was awesome and we ended up having a smooth ride.
 Austin got to sit in the back with me.  Here he is testing out the headset.
 It took a few minutes after we got in to the plane to actually take off so I was able to get over all my fears of crashing beforehand.
 Blake got to sit up front with Tyler and got a great view.  I wish Austin could have had a better view but he was able to see a bit out his window.
 There is so much lingo when it comes to flying! It was neat listening to our pilot communicate with airports.  I couldn't believe how many planes were up in the sky.  You'd think we'd notice more planes flying but I really hardly see them. - Besides the huge loud jets that fly over my house everyday.
 It's also amazing how organized the flying system is.  With all the planes flying you'd think they'd crash into each other more often but it's all organized up there.  Makes me want to travel by plane more often than risk getting in a car accident.

Now I can see why people want to get their pilot license and private plane to travel.  It would be so awesome!

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