Sunday, October 13, 2013

General Conference!

 The boys were really excited to watch General Conference this year.  They recognized the prophet President Monson and every time they saw him they would say, "Look there's President Monson!"
 Of course this is them at the beginning of the session.  They were off playing with their toys in no time.  It was a great one for Tyler and I as we got to sit and listen the the entire time and wasn't distracted too much by the kids.

Here's me at 28 weeks!  I went to Time Out For Women the weekend after General Conference and I had my first comment this pregnancy where someone said, "Wow, it looks like your baby already dropped..." Implying that I was due any day now.  I told her I still had 12 weeks left.  She was pretty surprised.  I don't feel like my belly is as full as it should be at full term but it is sticking out there pretty good.  But it does not look like I've dropped!