Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cody's Blessing and Austin's Bday

 Doesn't my mom look like she's in heaven?  So fun snuggling with Cody! Although he really does get heavy after a while on your chest. :)
 Austin's birthday is coming up so we celebrated early while G&G were here.  He picked out TMNT!
 Tyler blessed Cody on Sunday so my parents could be there for it(Just barely over a week old).  This outfit was given to us by one of Tyler's co-workers.  He looked adorable!
 Poor Cody was woken up from his nap to take the picture.  He wasn't too happy
 It's hard to smile normally for so long...(see A&B)
 Turning 4 on Sunday!

 Blake wanted to help blow out candles...
Making a wish!

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