Friday, January 24, 2014

Welcoming Cody!

 Cody Spencer Hair was born Jan. 17, at 3:20am.  I went to the hospital on Jan. 15th at 6pm to begin induction...It was a long haul.  I will post my birth story soon! For now, here are some pictures of my 10 lbs., 22 in. baby giant. :)
 I always thought all my kids would just end up with red hair, but he came out with a full head of brown hair! I love all this hair!
 Austin and Blake came to visit! They were so excited to meet Cody.  They are the best big brothers.

 In my opinion,  I think he looks like a chunky version of Austin.  He has Austin's nose and mouth for sure.
 Doesn't Tyler look so young in this picture? 
 Ready to go home!  The boys were so glad to see us home! It was a long time away from them!  Thank you to everyone who helped us out while we were in the hospital.  We didn't get home until Sunday night and my parents didn't fly in until Saturday afternoon, so the boys were parentless for a few days!  They survived just fine. :)


  1. He is a BEAUTIFUL baby!!! He looks perfect!! I can't wait to see him...but I'll let my house get sickness free before coming around him. I'm seriously anxious to hear the birth story! You ROCK! :)

  2. Congratulations!! He is so adorable! Your boys are so cute! Wish we lived closer so our 3 boys could play together while we play games together :-)