Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A glimpse into the future

We had another SNOW day in Texas today so Tyler didn't have school. This morning Tyler had his computer up working on our taxes while Austin was playing. Austin would come over and try to grab the screen or hit the keys while the laptop was sitting on Tyler's legs. Tyler would tell him no and talk to him about not touching the computer because it's not meant for little kids. He would go into this long shpeal and Austin would get bored and go back to his toys. This happened 3 times and it surprised me that he would give up so easily when, if it was me, Austin would keep grabbing at it until I would finally get tired and turn the computer off and pay attention to him. Tyler made the comment that this is foreshadowing of Austin's teenage years, when we can expect much of the same response when dad starts giving him "the lecture" that no kid wants to listen to. haha!

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