Sunday, February 20, 2011

Usually after Austin's bath we like to mess with his hair. If only it would stay like this! I don't think he recognized himself in the mirror
We have had sooo many people tell us that Austin looks like the eTrade baby. What do you think? "Hey baby, can I hit you back?"
It's an Austin Sandwich! He's actually sitting in a round 8" cake pan. He sat in it all on his own and started trying to put this one on his head so we helped him out a little bit for the picture.
Austin is starting to get better and better at walking. He's finally letting go of things and walking on his own. Before we always had to force him to try walking. I just love this outfit he's wearing. $1 shirt from Goodwill.
Here I am HALFWAY THROUGH! Wow, it really has gone so fast. We found out we're having another boy! Austin is going to have so much fun with his little brother. I can't wait til they start wrestling with each other!


  1. Halfway already????? Wow that is flying by for me. :) You're looking great! Austin is cute as usual.

  2. You look so great Rachel! And I loooove that picture of Austin up at the top, so fun! :)