Thursday, February 3, 2011

Partying with the 1 year old

We just partied by ourselves since I'm sure no one would have wanted to venture out on icy streets in the evening. We had fun just us though!
The first thing Austin opened was a costco size Huggies Diapers box full of these balloons. He was in HEAVEN! I'm pretty sure that was his favorite
Grandma and Grandpa Hair got him this tractor that goes along with his farm set. He loves the pig that pops up and down in the haystack in the back.
Yet he keeps going back to the balloon. The jacket he is wearing is from Lyette. It has sweat pants to match. Go Denver Broncos!!!
We made sure he read all his cards. Gotta teach them young
Me and Austin and his birthday cake! Austin loves Teddy Bears (He smothers his to death) so I decided to make the cake. My friend emailed me a picture with cupcakes as the ears and nose! Brilliant! I was just going to cut out construction paper. Lame, I know. But that was the extent of my creativity. But I was happy with how it turned out.
Austin attacking the cake after it all fell out of his mouth
He sure cleaned it up good.
Overall it was a great birthday and he was a very happy boy!


  1. So cute! LOVE IT! I am glad you are posting more, I keep reading and watching the little guy grow!

  2. Happy Birthday Austin. Sorry we couldn't spend it with you. We were trapped in our house from the snow storm too! :)