Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Today is Austin's birthday! I can't believe this.....
Has grown into this....
He really is SUCH a good baby so no wonder I'm having another one so soon right?

For all those who have not seen me in a while...I've got the baby bump going. Right now I will be 18 weeks on Saturday so this was taken a couple weeks ago when I was at 16 weeks. I have grown since then. ALOT it seems! So I will need to take a new picture soon.

Texas is FREEZING cold right now believe it or not. We have an inch of snow and 13 degree weather. With the wind it feels like -2. So yes, when I say freezing I really do mean it. It's not supposed to last long(Thanks Heavens) but since it's been here for 2 days already, I'm ready for warm weather again. Just last Saturday it was 78 degrees! I went running with Tyler in shorts and a t-shirt and also played tennis. It felt sooo good!

I was also supposed to find out what I was having today but I drove to my appointment to find out the office was closed!!! agh! For reals?? Guess I'll have to wait.


  1. Cute birthday boy! Rachel, your hair is getting so long! Miss you guys.

  2. Fun times! Love the parade pictures, too.