Thursday, February 10, 2011

I wish every Saturday was like this!

A few weeks ago (Right before all this FREEZING weather) there was a Saturday that was 78 degrees. AMAZING. We went running in the morning and played tennis in the afternoon. So here are some tennis pictures and I couldn't resist putting in some cute ones of Austin
Austin loves to read his books. And by read, I mean, he speaks chinese as he reads them. It sounds hilarious! He will sit and do this for about 10-15 minutes at a time.
He loves clearing out his toy cupboard and climbing inside. Although he hasn't figured out how to get out without banging his head, so after a while he starts fussing and I come to the rescue. Then the process happens all over again.
Reading in the cupboard. That does not look very comfy. As you can see, his pants are very short on him. They are 6-9 month pants ( and he is almost a year old in this picture) but I am still squishing him into them because I only have a few that are bigger in the 12 month size. Since spring and summer will be next month I've decided to hold off on buying any new winter clothes. So for now, he gets high-waters.
Here I am taking a swing. Tyler loves tennis and I have never played. Well, I've swung the racket and tried to hit the ball on occasion in college at different times, but I've never been taught any techniques, so Tyler has taken it upon himself to teach me. I hope it warms up quick before my belly starts getting in the way.
Tyler is so nice and tries to hit them TO me so I don't have to run too much. Although when I hit them back I have no clue where they are going so he ends up with a pretty good workout by the end, while I hardly break a sweat :)
Practicing his power serves
Look at that technique! Actually I have not a clue if it's good technique but we'll say it is.
Here is Austin jammin' off to the side with some Baby Einstein tunes and eating cheerios
After a while he wanted to get in on some action too.


  1. Fun! I've always wanted to learn how to play tennis, the right way, too.

  2. Yay for tennis!! Does Austin love his Baby Einstein bouncer? Noah loved his! He bounced so hard that he ripped one of the seams!! And congrats on your pregnancy! I am about a month behind you I think--due Aug 7. Yay! Hope things are going well!