Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Butterfly House

While in Illinois over Christmas we also went to the Butterfly House. Austin and Amanda are surrounded by beetles and cockroaches. YUCK! Please spare me...I see enough in my house.

After we watched a movie about the life of a butterfly(caterpillar) we went to a greenhouse that was filled with greenery and butterflies! Here is Austin checking out a pretty flower

We decided to get a family photo...Check out Austin's happy face!

Jane got a new butterfly clip just for the occasion...

If you look closely there are butterflies all over this bush.

And of course Blake was a happy camper the whole time. Here he is with Uncle Chan man

Look! I'm a Beautiful Butterfly!

Austin trying to smell the butterfly

Tyler surprised me by making dinner reservations at Paulo's Mansion House(Best Steak Ever!) We went on December 28th 2011 which was the DAY we got engaged 4 years ago at this exact place. We sat at the same table and took a picture in front of the same fireplace. Pretty awesome! We had a good time reminiscing and enjoying some time to ourselves

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  1. Such fun photos! Kuddos to Tyler for the dinner date on the exact day! Very smooth & cute! :) Happy to see you guys doing so well!