Monday, January 16, 2012

Dying of Thirst and 100 pushups!

Since I just did a post about the boys I thought I'd do a post about the girls...which is ME. I set the goal back in October to run a half marathon at the end of February. It's the Cowtown Half Marathon right here in downtown Fort Worth. After battling a month and a half long sore throat and doubting myself that I couldn't get enough training in before the big day, after this last Saturday I felt a renewed hope!

The Saturday before I ran 8 miles and felt pretty good. I don't get a lot of training in during the week since I can only run with the stroller and my 2 rain, wind, and cold weather keeps me from going. I usually get in at least 2 and sometimes 3 runs in during the week. This last Saturday I went with one of my friends who is also running the Half Marathon. We started off on the Trinity Bike Trail and were both not prepared for how hot it was! 70 + degrees! We got soooooooooo thirsty. We got a drink at the first drinking fountain on the trail but the next one was turned off! We decided to keep going until we found the next one. We kept going and going and going! Finally we made it to the next fountain and found it was turned off as well. ugh! So we turned around and headed back, and not really sure how far we'd gone. We made a pit stop at this weird looking Marriott on the way back and Thankfully got some water from the receptionist! Heaven Sent!!!!!! We survived the rest of our run back.

The first thing we did when we got back was mapped our run and found that we'd gone approximately 11 miles maybe slightly more!!! Holy smokes! Although it was slower than my goal per mile at least it was a start...and at least now I know that I will be able to survive 13.1 miles. Bring it on baby!

Also, Tyler and I will be starting a program TODAY that will help us reach 100 pushups...that is 100 MAN pushups in a row. Wish us luck!


  1. Way to go, Rach! I ran 9 miles a few days ago and it just about killed me. I was SO sore afterwards. 100 pushups??! Without stopping?

  2. Whoops! That was Alainna not Stephen...

  3. Way to go Rachel. Good luck on your half marathon!!