Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Photo Shoot!

I decided to copy an idea off one of my friend's blog and do a photo shoot of myself. and I actually just SEWED THIS SKIRT today!...With TONS of help from my sewing mentor, Nancy. I added on to my mini jean skirt I've had forever and have never worn in public!

Here's the close up!

Couldn't resist...actually it was Tyler's idea

Perfect getup to show off my awesome boots!

and yes....I am sucking in my belly! a lot...need to work on that

Country dancing here I come!


  1. Very cute Rachel! You look very skinny too:)
    Nice job on the skirt! Just wondering: are you a country dancer or a belly dancer???
    Love ya MOM

  2. The skirt and YOU are oh so cute. !

  3. Awesome job Rachel! If I am seeing it right, it is the mini skirt we got together? Wahoo!