Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Magic House

The day after we got to Tyler's parent's house, where we would be spending Christmas, we drove to St. Louis to the Magic House. It was awesome. There were soooo many things for little kids to do. You walk from room to room going from one activity to the next. Some were educational, some were simple science experiments, and some just plain fun. The picture above is of Austin catching a fake fish. Then you take the fish across the room and put it in a little river of moving water. The river is under the floor but covered by clear glass which leads back to the pond. You get to watch your fish you caught make it back to the pond.

Blake eating his fake fruit

Austin changing a tire

Playing in the sandbox

Making a bubble around themselves

Amanda and Blake playing music on the wheel

Crawling up the leaf maze

Blake started sticking his tongue out a lot on this trip

We spent a good amount of time here. Austin would stick this ball in the tube that was a vacuum and watch it ZOOM around and pop out at the end into the air

There was a really cool construction site that taught about building and had some pretty cool machines

Blake was a good sport for being drug around for 3-4 hours. He loved getting attention from Amanda and Grandma

Pure Joy on his face! He loves trains. Such a fun place!!! I have a zillion other pictures, and the ones I posted only represent maybe a 1/4 of what is in the entire house.

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