Thursday, April 18, 2013

Also, while I was at home in Washington we took advantage of the great weather! We went to the park for some baseball fun! After that we played some disc golf. Tyler got to show off his talent for throwing a frisbee.

 We were using my dad's old wooden bat and real softballs so I was happy Blake just waned to sit in my lap
 Austin fielding a ball.
 I love this picture of Austin throwing the ball, Daylen running, and Tyler ready to catch!
 Grandpa showing them how it's done
 A & B loved playing outside the entire week. The trampoline was a HUGE hit! They loved it.  They were good enough on it that I didn't even have to watch them. 

 Jana's kids were there for an extra few days and Austin and Daylen loved to tackle each other.  Well, Daylen was a really good sport to let Austin tackle him.  I'm sure he got tired of it, but he was always willing to play.
 So much fun!
Kate and IHaving a girl really would be so much fun

 Another big hit was my old rocking horse.  I wish I could have taken it with me.  If the boys weren't on the trampoline, they were on the rocking horse.
 Look mom! I'm a natural
 He looks so well behaved here.  He definitely doesn't have the attention span to learn yet. But maybe someday
We went to a friend's Open House and their theme was John Deere. It was ADORABLE! Tractors, burlap and crates everywhere. It was so cute. And we got to wear jeans.  There were two toy tractors at the entrance and the boys played with them just about the entire time.  We felt like the welcoming crew!

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