Friday, April 26, 2013

My First Garden!

 Last week we test drove this truck that was a great price and had everything we wanted in a truck...EXCEPT...The lift kit was too high so it won't fit under our carport.  We knew that going in, but we still wanted to test drive it to see what it was like.  It took the corners really well and went from 0-60 mph in 2 seconds. haha. Just kidding.
 We had some friends visit from Oklahoma and they stayed two nights.  They brought their dogs with them.  At first I was nervous about having dogs in the house because I didn't want dog hair everywhere, but we got used to them real quick.  Even Blake was ok with both dogs after a few hours! He's pretty hesitant around dogs that are bigger than him or have a lot of energy.
 My first HARVEST! hehe.  This is from my Swiss Chard plants from my garden.  They were the only thing I planted that was already a good size plant.  But it was fun to see the leaves grow big enough to eat.  They were yummy! We're hoping it helps with our seasonal allergies.
Austin went to two birthday parties last Saturday.  He loved these glasses in one of the party bags.
 Swiss Chard plants!
 My carrots are barely popping up.  This is my garden at almost 2 weeks old.  In the rest of these pictures, all the plants are planted from a seed.
 The ones on the left I have no idea what I planted!  The ones on the right are cantaloupe.  Or the ones on the left are cantaloupe and the ones on the right I have no idea.  Hopefully they produce so I know what I planted!
This is my Spinach.  Perfect snack to go with my Swiss Chard
 Beets! I'm excited to eat these fresh. I really hope I get some.
 Summer Squash/Zucchini.  We eat this stuff like candy around here so I really hope I get some.  Hopefully they just grow slow.
 Cucumbers. These guys get more shade then the rest of the garden but we'll see how they turn out anyways.
And finally....Broccoli! This part also gets a lot of shade so we'll see how it turns out.

It'll be a good experiment.  See how much of green thumb I have.  And now that I have plants in it, the boys don't walk around in the dirt as much anymore. Good thing!

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