Sunday, April 28, 2013

Irving Half Marathon

 Here we are before the Irving Half Marathon.  It was a bit nerve wracking on the way there because there was a lot of construction and we made a few wrong turns and did a few circles before finally making it! But we ended up being just fine. 
 I ran just fine, but Tyler ran fast! Well, fast for not training as much as he should have. This was his first Half Marathon and his time was 1 Hour 33 min.  He's running another Half in July so maybe this will teach him a lesson and he'll train more.  :)
 We're done!!! I ran in my new running shoes and they gave me blisters.  I was soooo happy to take them off!  Spencer(the guy in orange) got 3RD! in his age group and Tyler got 4TH! Way to go boys! This was Spencer's second half marathon AND it was his birthday. What a fun way to spend your Birthday right?!

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